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Skincare, Body Care and Beauty Products

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The Lemongrass Spa


When Heidi Leist was pregnant with her daughter she became an avid label reader, educating herself on healthier food choices and skincare products. Recognizing that there are many unsafe chemicals commonly found in bath and beauty products, she started making her own natural products in her home after the birth of her first daughter. She began sharing these products with women at home spa experiences and quickly developed a following for her handcrafted body polishes, foot soaks and lotions.

Whether it's to replenish your favorite products, refresh your skincare routine or try something new,

our Independent Consultants offer a personalized service to cater for your every need!

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Empowering Women Since 2002
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Heidi Leist’s passion for safe, chemical-free products led her to creating Lemongrass Spa over 20 years ago. As a female led brand, Lemongrass Spa is devoted to helping others achieve their dreams and become the best version of themselves.

Love It, Use It, Get Paid To Share It
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Choose your kit and start your own clean beauty business! Get started for only $39 with the Social Selling Kit or choose from four other Success Kits ranging from $109 to $149.

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